Get Ready With Cait + Co: Amethyst Gem Collection

Nothing shines quite as bright as our Gem Collection, which is inspired by – you guessed it – some of our favorite gemstones. If you’re in need of fashion, wellness, or general life inspo, look no further than our Get Ready With Cait + Co: Amethyst Edition.

Nothing feels as lavish as the color purple (which, FYI, is the official marker of royalty) and we hope this is how you feel when using all three Amethyst Gem Products: Coconut Milk Bath Bomb, Handcrafted Shea Butter Body Cream, and Coconut Milk Bar Soap. The collection was inspired by the Amethyst gemstone, also known to promote:

  • Emotional balancing
  • Calmness
  • Clarity
  • Courage
  • Positivity 

With all this in mind – and to help breathe new life into your daily routine – read on for a few fun ways to incorporate this amazing color into your day. 

Morning Routine: Coconut Milk Bar Soap 

Starting your morning on the right foot is essential. How can you “carpe diem” if you don’t feel your best? Our Amethyst Coconut Milk Bar can help with that! The silky smooth soap is perfect for lathering up in the mornings. 

What to Wear: 

Amethyst is a beautiful purple color that can be the perfect highlight for your days. We’ve rounded up our favorite Amethyst-themed pieces that you will love (and can be adapted for day AND nightwear!)

Commense – Double Breasted Extra Long Relaxed Fit Blazer - $58.00


This blazer screams fierce. Its long, relaxed fit is versatile enough to be dressed up or down, whether you’re headed to brunch or the office. 

Gorjana - Power Gemstone Brooks Bracelet for Tranquility - $38.00

When it comes to crystal jewelry, you can’t go wrong with this Amethyst bracelet. Throw yours on for instant feelings of calmness and balance. Delicate and layer-able, this piece still packs a punch, giving you the confidence you need to face the day. 

Ulta – ColourPop All Amethyst Pressed Powder Palette - $14.00 

Makeup lovers, rejoice! Look no further than this beautiful regal-inspired palette, complete with gorgeous, highly pigmented shades of shimmery and matte purples. 

Interior Design: Home Decor

Etsy – Amethyst Gem Suncatcher - $22.49

Amethyst is one of the coolest-looking stones, which makes it easy to incorporate into any space. If you’re looking for something special, try adding one of these suncatchers to your home. Not only will these suncatchers look amazing, but they will also offer warmth and color. 

Move Your Body

Amethyst is known for its clarity and rebalancing properties, which makes a mindful meditation sesh the perfect activity to cement those good vibes. The best part of mindfulness is that it can be adapted to your personal preferences and abilities: If you’re down for a five-minute session first thing in the morning – perfect! If you’re not planning to watch Netflix after work like the rest of us, a long evening meditation session will bring even more clarity. 

Wind Down: Coconut Milk Bath Bomb

The best way to end your day? A relaxing soak with our Amethyst Bath Bomb. Its decadent scent, which has notes of strawberries, jasmine, and peonies, can help you find a little rebalancing in your bath. It’s also made with coconut milk and coconut oil for extra skin-loving benefits.  

Moisturizing Moment: Handcrafted Shea Butter Body Cream

Before heading to bed, lather some hydrating Amethyst Shea Butter Body Cream to lock in all the benefits of your grounding bath. There's no better way to end the night than with a scent that makes you feel more relaxed. Sweet dreams!

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