What Ingredients Are Used in Cait + Co Shower Steamers?

When it comes to shower steamers, quality products are especially important. If you’re asking yourself, “What is a shower steamer?”, they’re essentially a bath bomb for your shower. These fun accessories start to fizzle when placed in contact with steam, releasing essential oils as a form of aromatherapy. 

We’re breaking down the ingredients in Cait + Co’s Aromatherapy Shower Steamer Starter Pack so you can shop confidently for your next me-night treat – which, BTW, should be every day ending with “y.” 

Shower Steamer Ingredient Breakdown

At Cait + Co, many of our base ingredients are food-safe, which means they’re common ingredients you’ll find in your very own kitchen. Using that as a guide, we’ve designed our products to only highlight good-for-you ingredients that are safe enough to breathe in while showering. When pairing those base ingredients with fun aromas and essential oils, we’re able to create a relaxing, one-of-kind aromatherapy experience. 

Sodium Bicarbonate 

You probably recognize this one by its common name, baking soda! While the ingredient is often used in cooking, it’s also used in bath products, too. When mixed with citric acid, this ingredient creates hard, but dissolvable products like bath bombs and, you guessed it, shower steamers.

Citric Acid

Citric acid is another ingredient that you’ll find in the kitchen as it is commonly derived from lemon juice. What’s more, when combined with sodium bicarbonate, citric acid causes the shower steamer to dissolve and create suds. 

Zea Mays (Corn) Starch

Corn starch (which you’ll also find in the kitchen — are you noticing a theme?) acts a bit like glue in our shower steamers. Put simply, this ingredient helps hold the shower steamer together while also slowing down the reaction time. Without corn starch, that satisfying slow burn would be an instantaneous boom. Though exciting, it certainly wouldn’t be relaxing.


Fragrances vary depending on the specific shower steamer you purchase. At Cait + Co, we feature unique blends like jasmine tea + ginger and peppermint + lemon. With each of these shower steamers, you will find contact-safe fragrance options that work with the other ingredients to provide a blissful experience. 

Essential Oils

Most of the enjoyment from the shower steamer aromatherapy experience is due to the essential oils found in them. Each essential oil offers its own unique benefits (think: soothing, energizing, muscle relaxation) depending on the type. All of our essential oils are sourced from regions with the highest quality ingredients from Guatemala, France, and India to right here in the U.S. 

Cait + Co Ingredient Quick Facts

At a glance, Cait + Co products – and ingredients! – are held to the highest standard. You’ll find that all Cait + Co products are: 

  • Developed to nourish your skin
  • Made by hand with love
  • Made in the USA using high-quality ingredients
  • Safe for individuals of all ages
  • Hand-crafted by a woman-owned business

It’s Shower Time

If you used bath bombs as a kid (no shame if you do as an adult, we do too, especially our new favorite, Turquoise Coconut Milk Bath Bomb), shower steamers are its cool cousin. The best way to find the perfect shower steamer for you is to try our Aromatherapy Shower Steamer Starter Pack. This comes with all SIX full-sized shower steamers in our signature scents. 

  1. Sea Salt + Grapefruit
  2. Peppermint + Lemon
  3. Jasmine Tea + Ginger
  4. Eucalyptus + Aloe
  5. Honey + Almond
  6. Lavender + Oat

Breathe in deep - your body, mind, and soul will thank you! We can’t wait to hear which is your favorite.

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