Get Ready with Cait + Co: Sapphire Gem Collection

Nothing shines quite as bright as our Gem Collection, which is inspired by – you guessed it – some of our favorite gemstones. Because we’re so obsessed with these gorgeous stones, we’re continuing our series of blogs giving you Gem Collection-inspired routines to add a little sparkle to your day.

If you’re in need of fashion, wellness, or general life inspo, look no further than our Get Ready With Cait + Co: Sapphire Gem edition!

Cait + Co Sapphire Gem Collection

Introducing the Sapphire Gem Collection

Here at Cait + Co, we believe you deserve only the highest-quality products to enhance your self-care routine. Enter our Sapphire Gem Collection, which comes complete with a Coconut Milk Bath Bomb, Handcrafted Shea Butter Body Cream, and Coconut Milk Bar Soap. As its name suggests, this one-of-a-kid collection was inspired by the almighty sapphire gemstone, which is often associated with: 

  • Mental clarity
  • Concentration
  • Good luck
  • Balance
  • Wisdom

To help breathe new life into your daily routine – we’ve rounded up a few fun ways to incorporate some sapphire vibes into your day!

Morning Routine: Coconut Milk Bar Soap

Apple blossom, tangerine, and plum coconut milk bar soap

It’s crucial to begin your morning on the right foot, and our Sapphire Coconut Milk Bar Soap can help with that! This nourishing soap leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and is perfect for lathering up in the mornings.

Follow it up with the Sapphire Shea Butter Body Cream to moisturize your skin after a long, luxurious shower and leave you smelling fresh and fruity!

What to Wear

Make a statement by incorporating sapphire’s beautiful blue hue into your outfits. Check out some of our favorite sapphire-inspired clothing and accessories!

Lulus – Troulos Royal Blue Lace-Up Midi Dress - $69.00

Lulus Troulos Royal Blue Lace-Up Midi Dress

Absolutely adorable and perfect for a night out, this playful party dress will make you look and feel amazing with a flattering cut and free-moving skirt. Go ahead – give it a twirl!

Kate Spade - My Love September Heart Pendant - $58.00

Kate Spade My Love September Heart Pendant

This dainty Kate Spade necklace is romantic, fun, and fashion-forward. While it’s modeled after the September birthstone, you don’t need to be a Virgo to embrace this gorgeous gem! For extra dazzle, step into the sunlight to watch it shimmer.

Sephora - Infinite Chrome Flakes Multichrome Gel for Eyes & Face -  $25.00 

Sephora Infinite Chrome Flakes Multichrome Gel for Eyes and Face

Add some extra sparkle to your lids, cheeks, or anywhere else using this glittery product by Danessa Myricks Beauty. Applied like eyeshadow or a highlighter, this is the best multi-use makeup staple you didn't know you needed – until now.

Interior Design: Home Decor

Sage and Sill - Abstract Colors Ceramic Planter Pots with Stand - $22.95

Sage and Sill Abstract Colors Ceramic Planter Pots with Stand

Want to add a fun pop of color into your space? Look no further than these unique planter pots. The geometric gold stand and rounded pot will be the talk of your next dinner party when displayed on your coffee table or as a centerpiece! And if you don’t like blue…well, you’re reading the wrong blog post, but you could buy a yellow one instead to compliment our Topaz gem collection!

Move Your Body


Moving your body is a great way to promote feel-good vibes. That’s why we recommend dancing! Simply put on your favorite tunes, dim the lights, and groove away for endless fun.

Window Down: Coconut Milk Bath Bomb

Cait + Co sapphire coconut milk bath bomb

End your night on a relaxing note with our Sapphire Bath Bomb. Its decadent fruity scent - which has notes of apple blossom, tangerine, and plum - will help you recenter and find a little clarity after a busy day. It’s made with coconut milk and coconut oil, both of which offer extra skin-loving benefits.

Moisturizing Moment: Handcrafted Shea Butter Body Cream

Cait + Co Sapphire shea butter body cream

Before heading to bed, lather on some more hydrating Sapphire Shea Butter Body Cream to lock in all the benefits of your self-care-filled day. There’s no better way to end the night than with a fruity scent that makes you feel your best. Sweet dreams!

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