Everything You Need to Know About Essential Oils

Essential oils have a long history, and an even longer list of benefits, making them ideal for everyday use. Below is a breakdown of everything you need to know about essential oils, including the best ways to use them. 

At Cait + Co., we are not medical professionals. If you are interested in aromatherapy for medical use, consult a doctor. 

History of Essential Oils 

Essential oils have been around for centuries, though their methods of use looked a bit different back then. Essential oils have been around for centuries, though the ways they were used looked a bit different back then. By the 18th century, essential oils became mainstream in pharmacies and personal use around the world. Even then, we didn't know a ton about essential oils until the 1900's, when additional research was conducted. Overtime, the oils have become increasingly popular, and for good reason! Fast-forward to today, and you can find essential oils in everyday products like lotions, bath salts, and shower steamers.

Benefits of Essential Oils 

Essential oils can provide an array of benefits while also serving as natural alternatives to traditional treatment methods.

In fact, studies have suggested that essential oil use in those suffering from anxiety works to treat anxiety and stress, lavender specifically. Essential oils have been shown to promote relaxation and improve sleep quality. Additional studies have shown a link between essential oils and headache or migraine relief. For example, one study found that a dab of peppermint and ethanol could help alleviate headache symptoms.

How to Use Essential Oils 

Essential oils are essentially a derivative from plants that, once collected, can be used in a number of ways. One of the most popular essential oil use methods is aromatherapy. This process involves absorbing the essential oils through breathing and skin contact via diffusers, bath products, and/or steamers.  

Lotions and Essential Oil Roll Ons

Essential oils, when combined with a base oil (this will dilute the essential oil and allow it to be carried in the mixture), can also be used to soften skin or mixed into other products such as lotions and shampoos as a natural aromatic additive with excellent benefits. Additionally, some essential oils, such as citronella, can be used to ward off unwanted bugs when burned in a candle or used as a spray.

For on-the-go use and relief, consider a roll-on essential oil. Our Mini Essential Oil Roll-On Set has three options (focus, immune boost, and relax) based on your individual needs and desires.

Essential Oils in Shower Steamers

For a relaxing night in, treating yourself to a soothing shower is an excellent choice, especially when using essential oil-infused products. With the heat of the water and steam, showers and baths are among the best places to soak up essential oils.

Consider adding an aromatherapy shower steamer to further elevate the experience. Our Aromatherapy Shower Steamer Starter Pack includes decadent combinations like jasmine tea and ginger, honey and almond, and eucalyptus and aloe, among others! Prefer baths? There are plenty of fun additives to brighten the experience, like this peppermint and lemon bath salt soak!

How to Safely Use Essential Oils 

While essential oils are considered safe for general use, they are not designed to be consumed. Other factors will depend on the specific essential oil you plan to use, and it’s important to do your research ahead of time. 

Cait + Co uses only the highest-quality ingredients produced in small batches and by hand. That means no petroleum, parabens, paraffin, or other harsh ingredients. Made in America and out of a commitment to healthy and wholesome products, you can use Cait + Co products confidently! 

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