Why Coconut Milk Is Good For Your Skin

Chances are, you’ve heard of coconut oil and its incredible benefits for your hair and skin. But did you know that coconut milk can work wonders, too? 

Coconut milk is versatile enough to be used in body washes, lotions, soaps, and even bath bombs. We’ll explain what coconut milk is and how it can help your skin be at its best.

What is Coconut Milk? 

Just as you would expect, coconut milk comes from the white inner part of a mature coconut. When the white insides are grated into pulp, liquid comes out. 

That liquid is what we call coconut milk. The “milk” part is kind of a misnomer, since it’s not a dairy product; however, it does have a similarity to dairy milk in color and texture. 

Coconut Milk vs. Coconut Powder: What’s the Difference? 

Coconut powder is just dried coconut milk — which means the two are basically one and the same. Despite the difference in form, they both have the same benefits for your skin.

At Cait + Co, we use coconut milk in powder form instead of liquid for our bath bombs. Bath bombs need to be made from mostly dry ingredients in order for them to keep their shape and work properly when dropped in the tub. 

How Coconut Milk Benefits Skin 

Coconut milk is truly a triple threat — here are the three main ways it can benefit the skin on your entire body. 

It Reduces Acne and Cleanses

Coconut milk is a powerhouse when it comes to facial cleansing. Not only does it help remove makeup, dirt, and oils from a long day, it restores your skin’s natural balance. This, in turn, reduces acne. 

It Hydrates

Coconut milk locks in hydration, giving your skin a smooth and supple feel. That’s why you might find “coconut milk” listed as an ingredient on some of your favorite moisturizers on your bathroom shelf. 

It Soothes Irritation

If your skin is red or inflamed, coconut milk can help restore it. Try using coconut milk on any dry or irritated areas and watch and see how it works its magic. 

Our Favorite Coconut Milk Skin Products

Give your skin the nourishment it deserves — and have fun while doing it! All of our handmade bath bombs are formulated coconut milk powder, so you can enjoy a fun, fizzy, and colorful bath while boosting hydration and restoring your skin. Enjoy! 

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