Get Ready With Cait + Co: Topaz Edition

At Cait + Co, we pull inspiration from a variety of places for our luxury bath and shower products. Most recently, we have been all-eyes on gemstones, which is why we’re thrilled to bring you the Gem Collection

If you’re in need of fashion, wellness, or general life inspo, look no further than our Get Ready With Cait + Co: Topaz Edition. 

Everything You Could Ever Need to Know About Topaz

Although we were mainly inspired by the color of Topaz, it’s also known to represent a ton of characteristics we want more in our lives. We love the idea of incorporating certain colors to make us feel a little better. Topaz is known to symbolize:

  •  strength
  • manifesting
  • honor
  • restoration/rejuvenation
  •  energy balancing
  • emotion balancing
  • calming
  • healing
  •  relaxation
  •  wisdom

Read for a few fun ways to incorporate this amazing color of our new scent into your day!

Get Ready With Me: Topaz Edition 

Morning Routine: Coconut Milk Bar Soap

Starting your morning with some tender love and care will set the tone for the rest of the day. Using the Topaz Coconut Milk Bar soap in the shower, with its bright and fruity scent, will give you just the boost of energy you need!

What to Wear

Topaz can be effortlessly incorporated into your outfits and accessories. Since topaz comes in a range of beautiful shades, you can always shop around to find a hue that works for you. You can stick with the traditional brown, moody tone or opt for a brighter yellow or a splash of bright color. Plus, online shopping makes it easier than ever to find something you’ll love without blowing your budget!

Here are our some topaz pieces we love to help inspire your OOTD: 

Anthropologie - Elyse Bias Slip Dress - $120

This dress is versatile enough to be dressed up for events with a nice pair of heels, or can casually be worn on sunny days with adorable sandals. 

Aerie - Bright Side Sunglasses - $15.95

Looking on the bright side just got a little easier! Whether you’re headed out for brunch or a day at the beach, we love these fun yellow glasses.

Colour Pop - Uh-Huh Honey Golden Shadow Palette - $14

Full yellow outfit not your thing? Add in a little sparkle, shine, or matte gold to your day with some eyeshadow. Play around with a full eye or line the eyes with bronze or gold for a subtle touch!

Moisturizing Moment

In order to conquer the world, you need to feel good, which is where our Topaz Gem Collection comes into play. Included with this collection is our Handcrafted Shea Butter Body Cream to moisturize and hydrate your skin. Feel-good ingredients in the lotion include vitamin E, avocado oil, shea butter, and sunflower oil. 

Desk Decor

If you’re working from home, here’s your sign to do a mini makeover for your office, or the corner of your room where your desk is. Add in a new paint color, a cute accent chair, a bright lamp or pottery to liven up your workspace!

Get Out of the House

Find your sunshine, literally. Get outside for some fresh air and a little brightness. Whether it’s a walk or a little car ride with friends, take a deep breath and reconnect with your surroundings. Bonus points if you find a picture-perfect Instagrammable moment, but not required.

Wind Down

For a luxurious ending to a terrific  topaz-filled day, treat yourself to a refreshing soak using our Topaz Bath Bomb. Featuring an enticing blend of starfruit and mango scents, this bath bomb offers you the chance to end the day on a bright, cheery note. It’s also made with coconut milk and coconut oil to hydrate, smooth, and calm skin. 

Before bedtime, apply some Topaz Shea Butter Body Cream to lock in all the benefits of your blissful bath while conditioning your skin. Sweet dreams!

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