What Is a Bath Bomb?

After the age of 7, majority of the baths you take are not just to get squeaky clean but to relax. And rightfully so. If you’re new to the bath bomb world, welcome! Bath bombs are typically small spheres made from ingredients intended to fizz and infuse your bath with color and aromas when you drop it in your bath. Bath bombs are one of our favorite ways to transform bathtime into something a bit more special! 

Our Cait + Co bath bombs are made with coconut oil and milk for skin conditioning, while unique scents and fun colors add some zest to your bathing or self-care routine. When you toss the bath bomb in, enjoy happy aromas, soak up some "you-time,” and watch your bath water turn into a painting of gorgeous colors with each of these bubbly, refreshing gems.

Bath Bombs and Social Media

Although bath bombs have been available in malls and check out aisles for decades, bath bombs have become a bathing phenomenon that’s been plastered across social media. With the bath bomb hashtag bringing in 2 billion views on TikTok and 2.9M posts on Instagram, we don’t see this trend slowing down! 

If inspiration strikes, to completely maximize the new trend of “bathscaping,” you can design and decorate your space with a ‘gram-worthy aesthetic to really get in the mood. Is it necessary? No… but it is fun! Add some plants, candles, and a bath board to run along the width of your tub. By adding a bath board, you can rest a book, a computer to stream a show, a glass of your favorite beverage, and truly create the best, most soothing environment.

How to Choose The Best Bath Bomb For You

We might be a little biased, but you haven’t experience the best bath bombs until you’ve tried Cait + Co bath bombs. Our high-quality ingredients create a bath solution that feels like velvet and smells like you stepped into a spa or exotic getaway. We have a variety of themed bath bombs and stand alone bath bombs perfect for your next bath or for a gift. See below for our recommendations. 

Best Bath Bomb for a Fresh Start: Spring Blooms Bath Bomb

Whether warmer weather is on the horizon or its the dead of winter, our Spring Blooms Bath Bomb will bring your favorite scents of springtime, helping you find a fresh start to your day or week. Smells like: bergamot + basil. 

Best Bath Bomb for Mom: Pearl Coconut Milk Bath Bomb

Can’t afford pearls for Mom? No sweat! Gift her our Pearl Coconut Milk Bath Bomb instead and create the perfect opportunity for a spa day at home. Looking to spoil Mom even more? Check out our Pearl Gem Collection (pictured above) complete with the Bath Bomb, Handcrafted Shea Butter Body Cream, and Coconut Milk Bar Soap. Smells like: honeysuckle + gardenia. 

Best Bath Bomb for the Dreamer: Mermaid Bath Bomb Clamshell

If you’re in need of a break and looking to float away, our whimsical bath bomb is made for you. All of our packaged bath bombs are designed exclusively by our in-house team and made with our signature coconut milk recipe, so not only are they fun, they are also nourishing. Smells like: coconut water + kiwi. 

Best Bath Bombs for the Fish Out of Water: Sea Turtle Bath Bomb Clamshell, Jellyfish Bath Bomb Clamshell, or  Dolphin Bath Bomb Clamshell

There’s no age limit for bath time. If you have a passion for the sea, peruse our variety of sea life inspired bath bombs, sure to make you feel like you’re actually in the ocean, but minus the seaweed! 

Best Bath Bomb for Your Next Staycation: Turquoise Coconut Milk Bath Bomb

When you can’t make it to the Caribbean, toss in our Turquoise Bath Bomb from our Turquoise Gem Collection. Turn on your favorite beach jams, close your eyes, and imagine yourself on a luxurious vacay. Smells like: pineapple + coconut.

Best Bath Bomb for Kids: Unicorn Bath Bomb Clamshell

Although kids love all of our fun scents and colors, there’s nothing like a little magic. Gift of surprise them with this fun bath bomb featuring a fan-favorite creature, the unicorn! Smells like: Starfruit + Mango.

Best Bath Bomb for the Birthday Girl or Boy: Happy Birthday Bath Bomb Clamshell

Never search again for a quick gift that can easily be shipped! Our Happy Birthday bath bomb is not just adorable, but an affordable experience they’ll love. Smells like: pineapple + coconut. 

Best Bath Bomb on a Budget: Whoopsie Bath Bombs!

A luxurious experience doesn’t need to cost a fortune. Our Whoopsie Bath Bombs are just $1! These bath bombs have slight imperfections but are perfectly fine to use and enjoy. Take advantage and snag as many as you want for just $1 each!

How to Use Bath Bombs 

We’ll leave you to your next bath experience with this: how to use a bath bomb. Bath bombs are super easy to use, and within seconds of dissolving, you'll be well on your way to unwinding. Short story short, open up the package and toss it in! 

Here is how to most effectively use a bath bomb:

  1. Run a warm bath, filling it to your desired level, leaving room for displacement.
  2. Open your bath bomb and discard any cardboard, plastic, and other packaging.
  3. Toss your bath bomb into the water and watch it dissolve. Feel free to mix it before stepping in, or let it be.
  4. For extra fizz and bubbles, place your bath bomb directly under the running water and watch as the foam takes over!
  5. Climb into the bath, lay back, and relax. Make sure to breathe deeply in order to inhale any essential oils in the bath bomb, promoting the ultimate relaxation.
  6. When done, drain the bathtub and be sure to rinse any residue to avoid potential build-up or staining.

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