Can You Use a Shower Steamer as a Bath Bomb?

Accessories like shower steamers and bath bombs have completely reshaped the bathtime experience in recent years. (Long gone are the boring days of a lifeless rinse in the shower or aimless soaks in the tub!) However, with so many luxurious bathtime additives, which is right for your needs? We’re breaking down the things you need to know about bath bombs and shower steamers, including if they can be used in place of one another.

What Are Shower Steamers?

Don’t know what shower steamers are? They’re basically a bath bomb for your shower! Just like a bath bomb, shower steamers will fizzle upon contact with water, releasing essential oils that add an ultra-luxe touch to your shower. However, they’re not exactly the same as a bath bomb.

Can You Use Shower Steamers as Bath Bombs?

One of bath bombs' greatest features is that they are safe for soaking in and prolonged contact with your skin. Shower steamers are made with higher potency of good-for-you ingredients (such as essential oils, for example).  Since shower steamers are considered a type of aromatherapy, they’re not meant for extended contact with the skin. 

Another reason shower steamers should not be used as a bath bomb? They’re usually not colored! Part of the draw to a bath bomb is the swirl of mesmerizing colors paired with the alluring scents. So, it’s best to save shower steamers for an old-fashioned shower! 

Difference Between a Bath Bomb and a Shower Steamer

While bath bombs and shower steamers are both used to enhance the bathing process, they’re not the same! As such, they shouldn’t be used interchangeably. Otherwise, you won’t enjoy the full benefits of each. 


Shower steamers are usually colorless and come as a plain block, such as these Cait + Co Aromatherapy Shower Steamers. Bath bombs, however, often have a mix of colors and other additives like glitter, petals, and prizes inside. If you’re looking for a burst of fun AND benefits, shop our full collection of bath bombs


A shower steamer will sit on a shelf, or ideally hang in a mesh pouch in the shower. The water will activate the shower steamer, turning your shower into an aromatherapy session without much contact – or effort! – on your part. Bath bombs are thrown into the water before or during bath time which means direct contact. For zero contact, especially if you have sensitive skin, opt for one of our shower steamers! They come with everything you need, including a mesh pouch to help it last for multiple showers. 

How to Use a Shower Steamer

Cait + Co’s Aromatherapy Shower Steamers are super easy to use, making them perfect for anyone! Every shower steamer comes with a mesh bag, which you’ll toss your shower steamer into. Let your shower steamer get wet until it begins to fizzle. Then, hang that bag anywhere in the shower (as long as you avoid hanging directly in the stream of water!), and the steam from the shower will activate the steamer. Be sure to take deep breaths to enjoy the benefits of the shower steamer. 

Can You Use a Bath Bomb as a Shower Steamer?

Just like we advise against using a shower steamer as a makeshift bath bomb, we don’t recommend using a bath bomb as a shower steamer. While a bath bomb in the shower isn’t dangerous, it won’t be near as fun as using one in the bath. 

Also, once your bath bomb is exposed to steam, the active ingredients become ineffective. Not only are you saying goodbye to the “bomb” in bath bomb, but you’ll also basically watch everything wash away down the drain – literally. 


Bath bombs and shower steamers are both perfect for adding to your daily routine, but they each have their place. For the best results, save shower steamers for the shower and bath bombs for the bath. Lucky for you, Cait + Co offers both!

Check out our Aromatherapy Shower Steamers, and don’t forget to check out our bath bombs for every occasion for even more inspo!

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