Introducing: Gem Gift Sets!

Two things are better than one, which is why we decided to launch brand new Gift Sets. Featuring our signature body cream and a matching coconut milk bar, they’re sure to be a welcome addition to your loved ones’ bathroom shelf. 

Our Gift Sets make the perfect present for any occasion (including none at all!). Read on for some serious gifting #inspo. 

Bridal Showers

Bridal showers call for small but mighty gifts — and our Pearl Gift Set certainly fits the bill. Congratulate the bride-to-be with a spa-like experience that keeps on giving. 

Bridesmaid Proposals

Bridesmaid proposal boxes have taken the bridal industry by storm and usually include items like tumblers, scrunchies, and small trinkets. Our Gift Sets would make the perfect addition to any bridesmaid box since they’re sure to surprise and delight everyone in your wedding party. 

Since they come in Pearl, Emerald, Sapphire, Turquoise, Topaz, and Amethyst, you can choose which color goes with the rest of the items you’ve curated. 

Back to School

Dorm showers aren’t exactly the epitome of luxury, but you can give the student in your life a serious upgrade with better bath products. We recommend adding our Turquoise Gift Set to their shower caddy. Turquoise represents wisdom and learning, making it an A+ choice for a back-to-school gift.  


For friends and family who are skin and body-care-obsessed, our Gift Sets make so much sense to give as a thoughtful birthday gift. Get your bestie, mom, or sibling a set that represents their favorite color. Or, if you want to be extra deep, get them our Turquoise or Amethyst sets. Both turquoise and amethyst are said to be among the best gemstones for strengthening relationships.  


Grads deserve to treat themselves for a job well done. Our Sapphire shea Butter Body Cream and Coconut Milk Bar will let them relax, unwind, and soothe after years of hard work; and is likely to match their cap and gown.   


It’s never too early to start holiday shopping. Yes, we’re being serious. Our Sapphire and Emerald Gift Sets make the perfect stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift. 

Sorority Pledging/Big-Little/Graduation

Since our Gift Sets are colored/gem-themed, they make an adorable gift for sorority women—whether they’ve just pledged or are nearing their senior send-off. 

Emerald: Kappa Delta

Pearl: Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Gamma Delta, Phi Mu 

Sapphire: Kappa Kappa Gamma, Phi Sigma Sigma, Theta Phi Alpha

Teacher Appreciation

Teachers can sometimes be tough to shop for. If you’re looking to thank an exceptional teacher but don’t know how to do so, consider gifting them either our Turquoise or Amethyst sets for a soothing self-care experience.  

Thank You

There are infinite reasons to say thank you — thanks for being there, for helping me, for introducing me to someone, the list is endless. Our Amethyst Gift Set is the perfect way to show thankfulness towards those who’ve been there. Amethyst gemstones are traditionally used to show and bring gratitude.  

Just Because

Get someone a Gift Set just because…why not! There doesn’t need to be a reason to spread kindness, love, and cheer. Any of our Gift Sets make great “just because” gifts. 

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