Wedding Favors for Under $10 from Cait + Co

Calling all fall brides — if you’re looking for the perfect wedding favors for your gorgeous autumnal wedding, look no further. Cait + Co’s bath and body products are perfect for guests of all ages. Plus, they come beautifully packaged and are absolutely affordable! 

Here are our top picks for wedding favors to show your guests how much you care for and appreciate them. 

Shower Steamers

Packed with aromatherapy benefits, our Aromatherapy Shower Steamers make a practical gift for any guest. They’re super easy to use and incorporate into a daily routine:  Simply place them in the shower, and they’ll release essential oils once they come in contact with steam. 

Shower Steamer Starter Kit

Instead of buying each steamer individually, our shower steamer starter kit is a great way to save on multiple steamers. This also gives guests the chance to try more than one scent.

Coconut Milk Bath Bombs

Our Coconut Milk Bath Bombs are definitely crowd-pleasers! Infused with coconut milk powder and coconut oil, they’re amazing for soothing and softening skin and safe to use for all ages. 

Our bath bombs come pre-packaged in a white organza bag and come in six vibrant colors, making it easy to match your wedding’s color scheme. Even better: add a cute tag to each bath bomb bag to personalize it. 

Coconut Milk Bar Soaps

Give your guests a favor they’ll use every day. Like our bath bombs, our coconut milk bar soaps are gentle enough for everyday use and are free of parabens, preservatives, and synthetics. Tip:  For a fun, matching gift set, pair our bath bombs and coconut milk soaps together!

How to Package Your Wedding Favors

Once you’ve decided on the perfect wedding favors, you’ll need to package them to make them easy for guests to grab and store. 

Plastic Bags or Wrap

Plastic bags for wedding favors aren’t your average plastic bags — they come in fun colors and can be tied or sealed with beautiful ribbons or stickers. If you decide to go with plastic bags, try to aim for biodegradable ones to reduce your environmental impact. 

Similarly, you can wrap your gifts together in plastic and tie them with a nice string or ribbon. We recommend adding a custom sticker with you and your spouse’s initials or names as a cute touch. 

Paper Bags

Just like plastic bags, paper bags can hold things together quite nicely. You can custom print any messaging on them, like your wedding hashtag, a special phrase, or an inside joke. 


Our Shower Steamers come with beautiful sachets, but you can invest in larger ones if you plan to make your own gift bundles. Sachets come in a variety of materials and colors, so it’s relatively easy to find ones that match your wedding’s vibe. 

Glass Containers

Glass containers, like mason jars or bottles, can add a wonderful charm to your wedding’s overall feel. These work best for smaller items, and they're especially great when it comes to sustainability.  

Paper Boxes

Paper boxes are great for storing both gifts and food. If you want to give your guests the option of saving a few desserts alongside their other goodies for later, consider opting for paper boxes.

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